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20 Mar 2020 14:00

Eventpop Online Event - A better way to stay entertained at home

Eventpop Online Event - A better way to stay entertained at home.

During this inconvenience due to the spread of COVID-19, many industries have been affected greatly. As a result, many event organizers have already had an impact on their events being cancelled which lead to chargebacks. In light of these events, we have launched a new feature called “Online Event” in order to support event organizers, brands, and any organizations to host events in this challenging situation. Eventpop is still operating as usual and is always here to support our clients and organizers. We are more than willing to assist and provide recommendations to anyone who wishes to host online events.

Eventpop will be working in partnership with Pro Plugin, Frog Live, and LiveTube, the known experts in Thailand's live broadcasting industry, to provide an advanced high-quality live streaming platform. Furthermore, we will also continue to develop partnerships with True Digital Park, Thailand eSports Arena, other business corporations, and studios that are equipped with live broadcasting tools.

Over the years Eventpop has been providing event solutions, ticketing platform, and collecting customer data which can be valuable to organizers. We have been empowering organizers to host more than 8000 events in various types including entertainment, sport, education, and activity - all of which required a venue to host an event. As the COVID–19 outbreak shows little to no sign of slowing down, Eventpop would like to introduce everyone to seek an alternative way of hosting events virtually through Eventpop’s platform. 

With our one-stop operation service, webinars, workshops, live streamings, and virtual sport events are all possible to happen from anywhere at any time. It is the easiest way for anyone who wishes to create online events. In addition, customers who are interested in attending an event can simply get the access link by completing online registration and payment. They will also get notifications if there’s any information updates from the organizer.

Eventpop is highly aware of the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to support and expand more opportunities to event organizers, brands, and any individuals during this time of uncertainty. Don't let challenges stop you from creating the best event experience. If you are interested in hosting online events or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@eventpop.me or 0625932224 press 2 (Call Center).

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