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Small Room Design - How to design a small room in a condo

Small Room Design - How to design a small room in a condo

Do you own, rent or live in a small room in a condo? Do you have to renovate your apartment? This course will show you how can you improve your space, fix all the issues, and live in a healthy, beautiful, functional space.

I'm an interior designer and professor, and I have designed many apartments that have to deal with problems of little space, small budget and too many things to organize.

For years I have developed many ideas to improve the way rooms are designed, and in this short online course (4 classes) I will show you what can you do, with a low budget, to improve your own room, apartment or small space.

This is the program for each class:

Class 1: Room Analysis and Planning
Analysis of each and every room, and how to improve them. 

Class 2: Principle 1 - Flexibility 
Learn how to choose furniture, decorations, and layout to have maximum flexibility.

Class 3: Principle 2 - Organization
Learning how to design the space for efficiency.

Class 4: Principle 3 - Health
Learning how to apply psychology to have mental and physical health in your own living space.

This class is designed for people who own a small room in a condo (20-30-40 square meters), but also for students, designers and professionals.

Thanks to this class, you will be able to improve your room, and also learn basic about interior design.

This is an online course, you will join by using ZOOM, and you will also receive a link for each class to connect. 

If you are interested, please subscribe to this page or send a message, we will soon publish the dates for this class. Send a message to:

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Ticket for 4 classes

By buying one ticket, you will have access to ALL the 4 classes.
For each class, you will receive a ZOOM link to connect directly. Each class is LIVE, which means that you will interact and work together with the instructor. Following the class, you will also receive a PDF with all the info.

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