CMDW2016: Upcycling Design Trend & Eco-Marketing Tool

CMDW2016: Upcycling Design Trend & Eco-Marketing Tool

Assist.Prof.Dr.Rattanawan Mungkung and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Singh Intrachooto invite you to learn and try to understand the practice of Up-Cycled Carbon Footprint or the process of using leftover materials in the creative design for new product appearance. The method involves continuous evaluation of greenhouse gas emission throughout every step. This is an important process in reducing the impacts of pollution on environment as well as getting the permission to use Up-Cycled Carbon Footprint logo on the products.

Qualifications for participation: designers, business owners, and scholars with an interest in the environment in which the participants of the afternoon session must also join the morning session. Personal computer is needed for the workshop.

Organizer: Assist.Prof.Dr.Rattanawan Mungkung and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Singh Intrachooto


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Thailand Creative and Design Center