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The Drawing Game - free online class: have fun by drawing

The Drawing Game - free online class: have fun by drawing
The Drawing Game is a free live class where we will play several games that involve drawing. 

During this 60 minutes live workshop, you will enjoy yourself by drawing - and if you cannot draw, you must join! 

This class is NOT about being good at drawing, but rather, is about expressing yourself, having fun and being creative.

◉ How to join this class?

▼ Click on〔 Register 〕and then〔✚〕at the bottom of the page ▼

◉ What you need to join?

All you need to participate is 6 sheets of paper (A4, A3...) and a pencil. If you want you can also use a notebook.

◉ What time is this class?

This class starts 4PM - the reference time zone is GMT +7 (Bangkok Time Zone) - please check your time zone or send us a message and we will tell you exactly what time is for you

Each activity will be explained in details and then we will do it together. In this workshop, there is no right or wrong, the goal is that you express yourself and have fun! Anyone can join this class and don't worry: you don't need to know how to draw. 

▶ Class Sample

On the day of the event, you will receive an email with a ZOOM link. By clicking on the link you will automatically join (you can use a laptop, tablet or even phone).  

About the instructor

Prof. Carlo C. has more than 15 years working in the interior design field and teaching interior design for several international universities, institutions and colleges. He's also an accredited online instructor who has started his own online educational platform called onlivedu.com - for more info about him, you can check his linkedin account.

For any question, please send us a message: contact@onlivedu.com

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