Conferences: Urban Development towards UNESCO Creative City & Crafts and Community

Conferences: Urban Development towards UNESCO Creative City & Crafts and Community

Urban Development towards UNESCO Creative City & Crafts and Community

Organizer: Chiang Mai City of Crafts and Folk Art Initiative

Date and time: 6/12/2016, 2.30 am – 5 pm

Location: Chiang Mai Vocational

A seminar on developing creative cities is arranged as part of a preparatory project to drive Chiang Mai towards joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Craft and Folk Arts Category. This seminar features experts from Taipei and Jaipur who represent the public and academic sectors as well as implementers. These speakers will share their perspectives and experiences on city conservation and development on the basis of local identity.

Ms. Alice RuHwa Chiu 
Ms. Chiu istheexecutive general of Institute for Historical Resources Management (Taiwan) and an adviser of the Prime Minister in Taipei since 1996. She has an important role in the urban policy management in both culture and education. She has also conducted a research on reinforcing the law to protect the city heritage and design as well as organized various international conferences and workshops.

Dr. Shikha Jain
Dr. Jain is a member of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO with the role of planning the conservation of heritage and the management of more than 40 museums across India.

Dr. Min-Chin Kay Chiang
Dr. Chiang is an assistant professor from the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage and the director the Teaching and Learning Center, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan. She is also a member of an advisory board in the Cultural Handicraft Division, the Office of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (2016 – present) and the managing director of the Gold Museum, Taipei.

Mr. Cho, Tzu-Lo
Mr. Cho, Tzu-Lo The son of Ms. Cheng, Mei-Shu, he is a new generation artist who succeeds in combining the batik making technique with indigo dyeing.


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