Conferences: Design and Business: “Creativity as a tool of the new business opportunity”

Conferences: Design and Business: “Creativity as a tool of the new business opportunity”

Design and Business: “Creativity as a tool of the new business opportunity”

Organizer: TCDCChiang Mai
Date and Time: 11/12/2016, 2 pm – 5 pm
Location: Chiang Mai Vocational

In this talk and lecture, designers, artists and creative business owners will share and exchange perspectives on how to conduct business based on creative thinking, design and crafts in order to attract and meet the needs of modern consumers. This session also explores value creation by design and design thinking process, which will affect the growth of businesses today.

Toru Iwasa
Toru Iwasa is a Creative Director of Satoyama-Jujo Hotel by Jiyujin Inc. in Nigata, Japan, as well as an Executive Editor of Jiyujin, a magazine that presents the content about nature, creativity, and organic lifestyle. In 2004, he was behind the concept design for Satoyama-Jujo and eventually received Singapore Good Design Award, and was included in Good Design Best 100 ranking. Toru will share his experience under the topic of the quality of life through design and the use of design thinking to develop community.

Craig Anczelowitz
Craig Anczelowitz is an artist from New York who set up a studio in Thailand to create products that combine Western design with Eastern way. He has also collaborated with artisan brands in Chiang Mai to develop the products that seamlessly fused local tradition symbols and universal beauty.

Chris Chun
Chris Chun is an Australian artist and a designer who lives in Thailand. He collaborates with local artisans from different fields to create many styles of work pieces such as lithography, appliances, and home accessories as well as sculptures. He also operates an online store to sell his works under the brand Chris Chun and has a studio in Chiang Mai.

Timothy Jacob Jensen
Timothy Jacob Jensen took up the rein of Jacob Jensen Design from his father in 1990. Today he is the Chief Design Officer of the studio. Under Timothy’s management, Jacob Jensen Design has remained a highly awarded design studio. It retains the strength of its work philosophy yet ready to change with the times and ever-changing technology.

Andrew Loh 


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