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Grafana for Noobs

19 November 2016 at 10:00 - 16:30
Measurement is one of most important culture in DevOps, You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Grafana is one of most comprehensive tool for creating Dashboard. This workshop will help you to understand how Grafana work to become Dashboard master.

  • Introduction to time series database and data points
  • Grafana and InfluxDb installation
  • InfluxDb commands and common usage
  • Metrics design
  • Push your First metrics
  • Your first Grafana dashboard
  • Grafana Datasource and metrics
  • Grafana queries (Aggregation, Transformation, Filtering, Grouping)
  • Multiple metrics graph
  • Grafana Singlestats
  • Grafana Tables
  • Advance graph features
  • Alerting system
  • Grafana & HuBot integrations


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