Connecting to Your Higher Self with Creative Self-Expression methods

Connecting to Your Higher Self with Creative Self-Expression methods

Are you living a busy or stressful life? Do you feel easily distracted or that there isn't enough time in the day? Are you hardly ever able to let things go and instead just carry all this weight around on your shoulders? All you want is to be happy and balanced?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I would like to help you out! Mindfulness is the action of being fully present in the moment, being aware of thoughts, feelings and body sensations which helps one to manage difficult experiences and create space for better choices and happiness. Over the years, thousands of studies have documented the physical and mental benefits of mindfulness, so anybody who can should definitely take the opportunity to try it out.

Upcoming session:

16 Nov. Connecting to Your Higher Self with Creative Self-Expression methods

Have you been looking for a deeper understanding of who you really are? What is in your unconsciousness which predesignates 85% of your decisions in life? Would you like to discover more on how to connect to your inner self and become conscious? No previous experience is needed. You are going to meditate, use drawing as creative self-expression and other NLP technique to connect to your higher self

Next sessions:

23 Nov. Creating Mindful Daily Habits for Stress Release

30 Nov. Developing Highly Effective Communication Skills

7 Dec. Goal Setting in Your Unconscious for Effortless and Sustainable Success

If you want to:

- attract positive actions and let things go easier

- build sharper focus and decrease stress, anxiety

- be happier every day, every moment

- try or practice guided meditation

- improve the quality of your social relationship with others

- get to know a 42 day long free online self-development program

- stop autopilot actions and be more conscious about the choices you make every day

Do not wait anymore, join my workshops and enjoy all the positive benefits!

Come and join me for my Happy Mindfulness Workshop series in Bangkok which is open to everybody who wishes to know more about him/herself, create sustainable inner peace, and happiness in their every day lives.


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