‘The Family Vase’ by Wandschappen in collaboration with Jim Thompson

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‘The Family Vase’ by Wandschappen in collaboration with Jim Thompson

Date: 6th December, 09:30-13:00

Location: Thapae East

Group: max 15 people/workshop

Fee: 500 THB/ person

Working language: English

Designers Profile: Being an artist for Driessens & van den Baar means that they show how they see their world and create their own visual world to communicate this vision. Both artists are strongly connected to handcraft, shown in techniques with textile, painting and photography. The process of research and making in the studio is essential for their work. Since 1999 all the works have been developed together. In 1999 Driessens & van den Baar founded the design company WANDSCHAPPEN. Since 2009 they have developed products in their studio, based on their visual art concepts, transformed into producible designs. Their love for textiles and crafts has lead to high quality handmade designs, shown and sold worldwide. The best known collections are the Felt Plants, Felt Vases and Felt Wall Objects.

Activity: Why do people live where they live and how do they make the place their home ?

More and more people decide to leave their birthplace to start a new life somewhere else in the world. For the new beginning they usually bring limited amount of personal belongings, such as furniture, home textiles, family portraits, religious signs, flowers and plants.

But what are the signs that they settle down and plan to stay for longer time?

As time passes and they get more familiar with the new environment, they will start decorate their house to make it a new home.

As part of Chiang Mai Design Week WANDSCHAPPEN invites the public to become part of this feeling: design a home icon, a vase for the family table, that will transform your house into a personal Home. The vase will be designed and worked out with the participants from  wool felt produced in Europe (brand: HOLLANDFELT) in combination with Thai silk from the world famous Jim Thompson.

Schedule of the workshop:

- introduction of the work of Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN

- presentation of The Family Vase with a prototype and material

- drawing and designing the vase by the participants

- drawing and cutting sewing patterns

- sewing the inside and outside vase, assemble the final object

- photoshoot of final objects


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