CMDW2016: Re-thinking happiness: New perspectives on food culture and everyday life

Food is a universal language that can be used to address abstract topics of great relevance for the individual and the context around. This workshop wants to explore the concept of sharing happiness engaging food culture in Chiang Mai scene and broadly to create new perspectives. It will help participants articulate their own personal code of happiness as well as collaborate with others to create a communal one and help participants articulate one. The workshop is designed by Veronica Fossa, chief happiness designer and founder at WE Factory, together with Mint Jarukittikun, a food enthusiast and service design specialist, to show the positive impact of food. In small groups we will share the ideas, develop new food concepts and reflect on how food can make us re-think about happiness in our everyday life and to improve the business.

*Each participant is kindly asked to bring one or more food or food-related items that makes themselves happy at work or in the everyday life.

This workshop is opened to local and international designers, urbanists, architects, chefs, business owners and young entrepreneurs who are looking for practical tools to enhance their skills and improve on their businesses. No previous knowledge of design method required. Must be interested in food and business culture, design and well being.


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