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Global Virtual MarTech Summit Europe

Global Virtual MarTech Summit Europe

As the fourth quarter of the year is approaching fast, our next edition of the Global Virtual MarTech Summit Europe track is taking shape. This edition is inspired by the recovery of businesses from the disruptions caused by COVID-19, as we are on the look-out for innovative and cost-efficient ways of rendering the digital marketing transformation efforts sustainable. Many things have changed from the way we work to where we work over the years and businesses seem to have adapted in an agile manner. Hence, it’s time for us to learn from the mistakes and get inspired from the achievements of each other to shape up our strategies for 2023!

This LIVE streamed two-day summit will be focusing on Digital Marketing Transformation and Customer Experience in two regions: APAC & Europe. 35+ industry-thought leaders and experts will reveal both pain points and best practices for recent advancements in predictive analytics, gamification, personalisation, brand loyalty, digital capabilities, customer-centricity and much more.

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