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anthroposphere by Kwanchai Lichaikul

anthroposphere by Kwanchai Lichaikul

anthroposphere by Kwanchai Lichaikul

SAC Gallery pleased to invite you to attend “anthroposphere”, the solo exhibition by Kwanchai Lichaikul who has introduced new perspectives through the world of bird’s-eye view painting. While technology may allow modern humans the ability to peer down on the world from above, the nuances of society are often left unseen through these lenses. 

Conversely, Kwanchai’s works allow humans to identify the movements of capitalism in the present day, be it through the changes in culture, areas of industry and agriculture, and the foundational co-dependent relationship between humans and the Earth. Nevertheless, varying perspectives can be found through the consumption of news, stories, and history. As humans expand their territories for the purposes of residency and farming, drawing more and more upon the Earth’s resources to fuel our industries, Kwanchai’s illustrations portray these crucial details that reflect the interaction between lifestyles and cities, creating in movements within the paintings that afford us the chance to observe relevant events through a reshuffling of society shown in his works.

The "anthroposphere" exhibition by Kwanchai Lichaikul deals with the portrayal of truth without any miracles or supernatural phenomena, and is another important milestone for an art form that is conceived from wall mural paintings, introducing new expressions that correlate to the activities of people as they make their way through the cycle of societal systems. The exhibition pieces together the stories of people, structures, nature, and current events all at once. Though differing in terms of time and space, all things are capable of demonstrating the causational strands that connect past, present, and future. Ultimately, it is the audiences themselves that will act as the medium, connecting the experiences within each painting and becoming part of the ecosystem where history and humanity - as residents of this world - finally meet. 

anthroposphere”, the solo exhibition by Kwanchai Lichaikul will be open from 22 April – 9 July 2022 at SAC Gallery, 1st floor Art Centre Building. Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday between 10:00 - 18:00 (The gallery is closed on Mondays, Sundays, and Public Holidays) An opening Reception will be held on 22 April 2022.

For press inquiries please visit www.sac.gallery, Facebook.com/sacbangkok & instagram.com/sacbangkok

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