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Toxic Effect by Chainapa Lepajarn

Toxic Effect by Chainapa Lepajarn

Toxic Effect by Chainapa Lepajarn

“When I fail to meet expectations,

my inner self gets into the realm of excessive negativity.

Trying to conceal my negative emotions,

I find those conflicts and exploitations

repeating and pushing my inner emotional states away from gaiety”

Chainapa Lepajarn

This is a solo exhibition by Chainapa Lepajarn, Thailand’s leading female sculptor whose works will delve you into a male-dominated world where women’s gender often encounters inequality, exploitation, pressure from society and their family. Negative emotions such as anger, aggression and sarcasm can drive them to their depth, but social status has repressed them not to “speak up” or “express” straightforwardly. 


Consequently, women often suffer deeply into negative emotional states that become toxic to themselves which the artist called “Toxic Effect”.


Chainapa is among the few female sculptors in Thailand. Based on actual life experiences, her sculptures are thought-provoking to shed light on woman struggling for a myriad of aspects. She has worked to fulfill a missing piece of her life and provided her own insights outspokenly. Creating a sculpture is an alternative way of expression when some thoughts might be considered inappropriate for some people, and they cannot be addressed in real life.


Toxic Effect is her fifth solo exhibition, and it is regarded as her first retrospective showcase presenting the largest compilation of her works in multiple periods dating from 1990 to the latest ones in 2022. This is charted as an artistic diary of her tackling with the society and her inner self, starting from her childhood, youth, motherhood with great responsibility for her child to the present time. As she turns 70 years old, she still remains dedicated to her artistic career. Some of her works were created in 1990 when women’s roles were totally different from those in the 21st century. Nowadays women become leaders in workplaces and families. Women’s voices are heard louder in the society. 


Nevertheless, it is undeniable that today’s women still have to cope with this so-called Toxic Effect, isn’t it? Or do they know how to keep it inside better than former times? 


The artist is inviting you to listen to a silent scream expressed through her sculptures that she as a woman created with her own flesh and blood, life, and soul. Perhaps, you would feel an echo rambling in your heart.


About the artist

Chainapa Lepajarn (b.1955) is a female sculptor who has pursued her artistic passion since her Bachelor Degree from the Silpakorn University in 1978 and the Master Degree in 1987. Her works have embodied a concept of women’s fights starting from the collection The Sun (1990-1996), a depiction of a gentle Asian woman with integrity and patient character. Wave and Wind (1996-2006) is a metaphor of tsunami, tornado, and disasters that women have encountered. Uneven Life (2007-2013) presents an alternative way of living for restricted women. Sateephop (2014-2019) is about an unfair tradition that women are “the hind legs of the elephant” which still exists today.

On view from 19 May (at 6 PM) until 26 June in RCB Galleria 4 on 2nd floor of River City Bangkok. Free entry

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