Ruby on Rails 101

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Ruby on Rails 101

Ruby on Rails 101

You will learn the basics and foundational concepts behind Object-Oriented Programming and the Ruby on Rails framework.  If that sounds scary, we promise it is actually much easier to understand than it seems.  We use simple examples and walk you through some actual, simple coding practice.  Bring or borrow a laptop - any device that can run a basic Terminal application can be used (any Mac or PC - all is good).
We'll also be reviewing the all-important Technical Production skills you can learn towards the end of the class. Even if coding isn't your thing, being able to effectively understand development concepts, communicate with developers and clients on tech, and effectively manage a development effort is all-important.

Session will be in Thai and English as the audience requires. 

All participants will receive a discount towards attendance of a future class at Codemy.

Event Date : September 23 2015
Time : 3 pm. - 5 pm.
Place : HUBBA Coworking Space
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