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I Need a Life Coach

I Need a Life Coach
Trendy in collaboration with River City Bangkok presents
I Need a Life Coach, a look inside Udom Taepanich.

‘I Need a Life Coach’

In today’s society, it seems that everyone knows what a Life Coach is.
It springs up every day like a convenient store that opens a new branch.
For some people, life coaches are a source of solace.
For the others, life coaches can change their lives.

Perhaps, life coaches are dealt with colorful characters such as a toothless shark wearing a swimming ring as he can’t swim, a hippopotamus wearing large size heels just like he has stolen them from his mom and many more characters that are going to be showcased at ‘I Need a Life Coach’
We know that you are wondering how these imaginary beings can be related to life coaches. So, please be invited to take a close look at this exhibition to find out the answer for your curiosity.

About the Artist
Most people recognize Udom Taephanich as a leading stand-up comedian in Thailand.
He used to imply that it is like he wore a mascot costume to provide fun and happiness to the audience. Even though it becomes very hot and itchy inside a mascot costume, a person inside will never complain and will continue to be lively and humorous to everyone he meets.

On the stage, Udom is a storyteller who narrates his life story to make the audience laugh through verbal humor and body language.
When he takes off his mascot costume and gets off the stage, art becomes the main language that he communicates with himself. Udom has a passion in making art and making art has become his routine. He has been doing it since he was an art student. Udom stated that creating art is his full-time job and being a stand-up comedian is a hobby.

When good things happen, he makes art.
When bad things happen, he makes art.
No matter good or bad things happen, he will keep making art. He simply creates artworks.
As he creates art, he will continually learn from them, learning how his feelings have an impact on each artwork.

Venue: RCB Galleria 2 on 2nd floor
Free Admission
*River City Bangkok is open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with strict preventive measures against Covid-19 and limitation of visitors inside all exhibitions.

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