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At the 1st Millennium BC, AYaWoKa, the holy land of sacred sound civilization was discovered.
We would like to present you our World-Class DJs with finely selected music genres, that will bring Bangkok back to life.
8-9 July 2022 at Show DC Hall (Main hall)

Let’s unite, once and for all.

🙌 Headliner - Day 1


Mark Sixma

Third Party


Supported by

Nui Okb b2b Booby

Lady Punch x Kongkwan

Nuttrix b2b Blizerjack x Mc Whatben

Kolor One x Monster P

🙌 Headliner - Day 2



Haus of Panda


Supported by

Bosz b2b Maskparty

Sunday Sundae

XY B2B Hanky

Joy Lila x Mc Marvinz

Gail Werner & P-Hot

Terms & Conditions for purchasing tickets

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Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1.  Participants must prepare eventpop E-ticket + For Thai citizens official ID cards/ Driver License only // For Foreigner must bring official Passport or identification documents/ image is allowed
  2. Participants must be over 20 years of age on the day of the event
  3. No weapons of any kinds or illegal substances 
  4. After the payment has been made and received E-Ticket. There will be no ticket refunds and/or tickets exchanged for cash. ( Non-Refundable) 
  5. Participants must have evidence of complete vaccination with 2 doses (a type of vaccine according to government measures) with ATK results as detailed in the next step
  6. Participants must show an ATK result that is certified by an official organization (results must be within 48 hours) For Onsite , ATK Test can be purchased at the event for 100 baht (limited quantity) and will be inspected by an officer
  7. On-site ATK test results must not present 2 lines, or PT-PCR tests from 48 hours prior must not have positive results. and a negative ATK test result is A MUST REQUIRED to be able to attend the event. If the ATK test is positive the organizer reserves the right not to be able to enter the event and no refund in all cases
  8. No Re-Entry Event


  • Participants must be over 20 years of age on the day of the event
  • Please prepare your ID card, driver's license or passport for verification
  • Wear a wristband at all times


  • No weapons or sharp objects of any kinds
  • No illegal substances 
  • No food or drinks allowed 
  • No electronic cigarette 
  • No selfie sticks
  • No video camera 

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    Trap, Bass, Trance, EDM, AyawokaFestival


    * This event requires attendees to be at least 20 years old.

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