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A photographic solo exhibition
by Natthawut Taeja

11 June - 3 July 2022
(Only Sat and Sun)

The opening ceremony
Saturday 11 June 6.00 pm.

CTypeMag's Gallery
(No parking)

Place and time have a beautiful complicated relation. They are like criteria for learning, growing, and determining each person's perspective on people and the world. If anyone can observe the movements, possibly recognize a truth of realization escaping from a cryptic curtain of place and time which flashes in the mind in a split second.

IN MY PLACE is about revisiting Natthawut’s hometown; many things there have been changing, relying on new society and globalization. Self-respect and place-respect come from observing and realizing simple surroundings himself such as his family didn’t pour water into bottles anymore but easily bought from a supermarket, or he started to be familiar with eating Northeastern food. The simple-humble atmosphere of the local area is presented exquisitely through these photographs; it’s like Natthawut was merging himself and gradually vanishing with the warm light and loud noise of cricket when closing the night.

Natthawut Taeja was born and raised in Northeast Thailand. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. Natthawut is interested in exploring areas and photography to better understand himself and other people in the future. Natthawut works as a photographer based in Bangkok and recently won the Young Thai Artist Awards 2021.

CTypeMag’s Gallery
Soi.Phum Chit (Near BTS Prakanong ~600 m.)
Phrakanong, Klongtei, Bangkok
IG : ctypemag
FB : ctypemag
WEB : www.ctypemag.com 
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