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Sunn Presents: Monkey Safari

SUNN PRESENTS: Monkey Safari
Fresh of our massive NYE bash Sunn is starting 2017 with a BANG!

Monkey Safari (Hommage | GERMANY)
Riding in with the power to deliver sunshine to world’s rainiest open air events, Monkey Safari brings rays of light to whatever dance floors they cast their shimmering spell on! 

The duo’s efforts in the studio have transcended to their DJ sets with stand out shows at Time Warp USA & Germany culminating a very successful year. With a heavy touring schedule ahead, the brothers will have the opportunity to test their evolving sound once again to new crowds with a slot at Awakenings Festival as the stand out attraction. 

Check out their Soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/monkeysafari

Essential Listening:
➤ Hi Life: https://youtu.be/BgTw75oQKZY
➤ Cranes: https://youtu.be/LUP89HZBWhI
➤ Mixmag Lab: https://youtu.be/eAmsviQcvhg

➤ Kimball Collins - a staple of the Bangkok and Asian scene. Kimball has cemented himself as a curator of quality - no matter where you see him play. We are very excited to welcome him on warm up to the main act.

Coming early will be rewarded with 2 free drinks (till 10pm)

♥ Team Sunn

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27 Jan 2017 21:00 - 28 Jan 2017 02:00
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Live RCA Bangkok RCA Alley Bangkok Thailand
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