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happening exhibition

happening exhibition
happening and River City Bangkok jointly organize the 24-day art exhibition under a theme of casual meetings and activities with various and unique art perceptions, including sights, tastes, scents, sounds, and other new experiences. So let’s enjoy the feeling of freshness for the whole 24 days!

Meet the exclusive exhibition in all 9 exhibition rooms:

  1. ‘mini’ by Peace 和 oriental teahouse If you enjoy the tea at Peace 和 oriental teahouse, then you probably love ‘mini’ as well. ‘mini’ is a newly-launched oriental speedbar under quality supervision by the Peace team. Inside this exhibition, will sample the tea brewed by the ‘mini’ crew. The ‘mini’ team will also open a bar and serve a variety of beverages as well as giving away ‘mini’ tea serve to convey the idea that the taste of tea is equally an art form.

  2. Tul Waitoonkiat of ‘Apartment Khunpa’ and Pakorn “Beam” Musikaboonlert – both of them are musicians with one of them also having a background in poetry and the other in photography. Together, Tul and Beam create 'หลบเวลา' (Time Dodge) exhibition, a collection of Tul’s poems from his teenage years and Beam's photography interpretation talents. Their room will be opened to welcome everyone to cast their luck to take some poetry back home. The poetry selection for the first 12 days of the exhibition and the final 12 days will be different.

  3. Atelier Pakawan or Yui–Pakawan Thongvanit is an artist and illustrator. Yui is also the happening MAKERS 2019 award winner whose drawings have attracted so many craft lovers and a ceramicist who studied the specialty from Seto City of Japan. As many girls are eagerly awaiting to buy her works, Pakawan will display both illustrations and ceramics at the exhibition for those who are interested to purchase. She also shares cute and adorable stories she found in her everyday life into her artworks. Most importantly, her pieces will also be rotated throughout the exhibition.

  4. Lula Craft Studio & Friends led by famous female singer Lula–Kanyarat Tiyapornchai. Many people may not know that Lula is a real craftswoman who is skilled in embroidery, cutting, knitting, sewing, dyeing, etc. and has been creating a number of handcrafts. As she is also friends with crafting artists, Lula will open a room full of crafts made by her and her friends for audiences to see and purchase at the exhibition. Crafting works will also be switched throughout the exhibition.

  5. Wax Valley Candle Co. is an incense brand founded by Apichat Kochapatsap. Wax Valley Candle Co. creates a variety of scented candles that always presents its creative ideas. In this exhibition, the experience of 'smell' will be further explored and expanded by featuring those scents in the fun activities which will be changed every day, such as the presentation of the scent along with playing records and participating in a workshop.

  6. happening, a media that always does their best to make art a priority, invites everyone to join the ‘happening talk’ every evening. Audiences will meet 24 guest artists! It is a chat session taking place in Room No. 6, where audiences can listen to the guests’ stories about art and their creativities. The guests include musicians, photographers, writers, graphic designers, and many more. They will talk about what's ‘happening’ about their own works. Plus, there's a small activity called ‘Postcard from a Stranger’ in this room that invites participants to pick up a postcard and share their own story before exchanging it with a total 'stranger' who is also a postcard lover.

  7. Aura Cherrybag or Aura–Sasipan Siriporn, a young illustrator who is known for her collage artworks with colorful paintings. She normally works in Australia and is currently dedicated to her new book. At this exhibition, Aura will display her artworks from her new book to exhibit for the audiences to enjoy the real pieces.

  8. PRACTICAL school of design is a design school founded by Santi Lawrachawee, Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul, and friends. The school provides a unique teaching style by organizing a course that encourages students to brainstorm ideas, enhance the possibilities, and learn designing practical knowledge under the core belief that studying design is approachable. One of the PS±D strengths is that every course will conclude with participants’ joint exhibition. In this exhibition, the PS±D will organize a course that will open up new possibilities for all attendees at the ‘happening exhibition’ to listen and learn as well. They can also see the development of 12 illustrators through their pieces of artworks. The PS±D also has a small corner where they organize a variety of books that they recommend. The exhibition will be staged in the form of a temporary library (Students interested in the courses must apply directly to the PS±D team beforehand.)

  9. Tul Hirunyalawaan is a black and white photography artist, an university professor, the president of the Royal Photographic of Thailand, under the royal patronage of H.M. the King., and one of the founders of the School of Photographic Arts. Tul will introduce a fun activity of photography for participants to enjoy the light and shadow based on individuals’ thoughts and imaginations. In the exhibition, professor Tul will also arrange a special area of ​​'Light' for the participants to learn more about 'Photography'.

Paintings, ceramic works, book releases, poetry distribution, talks and discussions, workshops, mini concerts, and many artistic activities that take place in nine rooms will become one art experience that is so gonna ‘happening’!

happening exhibition
Date: 1 - 24 October 2022 
Time: Weekdays 11.00 - 20.00, Weekends and holidays 10.00 - 20.00
Venue: Galleria 2, 2nd Floor, River City Bangkok

Tickets are available in two types, including:

  • One Day Pass 200 baht*
    Free poetry, tea giveaway, book reading, art reservation, happening talk, and photography activities!

  • Event Pass for unlimited pass, 340 baht*
    Free all of the 'One Day Pass' privilege giveaways/participations + FREE happening NOTEBOOK, a souvenir for taking notes of activities or collecting artist's signatures at the exhibition

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