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Are you tired of feeling too self-conscious or unsure of yourself in social situations? Do you struggle with low self-esteem or self-doubt? Do you want to improve your self-confidence and feel more secure in yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the CONFIDENCE INSIDE OUT workshop is for you! This workshop is designed to help you to start believing in yourself again, take on opportunities with ease and reach your full potential. It is time to be more assertive.

By the end of this workshop, being confident will become your new nature. You will be equipped to:
  • Feel more secure in yourself
  • Take on new opportunities with ease
  • Achieve your goals with conviction
  • Speak up for yourself with authority
  • Get more acknowledgement 
  • Be perceived as competent and capable 
  • Have inner peace when talking to your boss, clients or on stage
  • Be perceived as more attractive
  • Improve the quality of your relationships in business and private
How does it work?
During the workshop, you'll learn what is holding you back, how to handle criticism and rejection, and be more confident, yet peaceful, in your personal and professional relationships. The techniques are based on learnings in human sciences (psychology, sociology, behavioralism) and real-life experiences. Already during the workshop, you'll have the chance to practice and apply what you learn in a confidential, supportive and encouraging environment. The format of this workshop is highly interactive and involves a combination of teaching, real-life examples, group discussions, exercises and individual reflection.

Your Host
Christian Schnepf (PhD. Scholar in sociology, Coach for leading performers, International public speaker and University guest lecturer)

Fighting against his own insecurities, Christian set once out to show he can be successful. With 21 he founded successfully his first company, with 24 he lead a team of over 60 people, with 26 and graduated from an elite business school and got put into the position as General Manager. But he found that the more "successful" he became, the less really confident he became. In an effort to find a solution, he travelled to numerous countries and conducted social research. His discoveries led to profound solutions that caught the attention of other high-ambitious individuals, including global CEOs and TV personalities, whose coaches he became. Believing everyone should and can be confident, he now shares these learnings in his new workshop: CONFIDENCE INSIDE OUT.

Who is it designed for?
The workshop is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their self-confidence in personal and professional situations, including housewives, students, professionals, leaders, and independent travellers from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and skill levels. The recommended age is 16 years or older.

What do I need to bring with me?
  • An open mind to learn and change 
  • A picture of yourself when you were ca. 3 years old
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