M(a)Y CONCERT 2023

M(a)Y CONCERT 2023

Seating Plan Remarks: 

  • For Zone D1 and Zone F4; Platform 160 cm. (Row A-H) / Platform 200 cm. (Row I-N). 
  • Each seating zone has a different level of platform.
  • The ticket price excludes 30 THB of plastic card (PVC Card) issued fee.
  • Ticket prices exclude payment channel fee.
  • Ticket price includes only VAT7%.



How to buy tickets

1. Sign up or Log in Eventpop account by email, the ticket buyer’s full name MUST match the ID card and the email address must be a valid email address. 
*If you log in via Facebook, you MUST fill in the name that matches the ID card / Passport.

2. Tickets are on sale 1st April 2023 at 10:00 AM.

3. When it is your turn, press the "Choose Zone and Seats" button. Please note that 1 user can purchase UP TO 2 tickets only. All chosen tickets MUST be from the same zone only. (Read more on How to buy seating ticket)

4. Ticket buyers will have 15 minutes to fill in the information, choose or not choose additional service of Refundable Tickets and recheck your order details.

**Please fill in each attendee’s full name (in Thai or English), e-mail, phone number that MUST
be matched on the ID card / Passport. Attendee’s name will be printed on the PVC card and cannot be changed in any circumstances. 
***Attendee’s name, email address and phone number MUST be unique.
****Please recheck your order details before confirming the order.

5. Then press “Confirm” to continue selecting the payment channel. Payment channels and fees as below;

    5.1 Credit/Debit Card
            - 3% fee will be charged per transaction.
     5.2 QR PromptPay
            - 50 THB will be charged for the order amount of 1,500.01 - 5,000.00 THB.
            - 100 THB will be charged for the order amount from 5,000.01 THB and over.
     5.3 Alipay
            - 3% fee will be charged per transaction.
     5.4 Pace Installment
            - 3.2% fee will be charged per transaction. (Eventpop's platform fee)
            - Pace is a convenient third-party payment platform that allows customers to split a full payment into smaller amounts paid off at regular intervals over a fixed period (up to 3 months) with 0% interest.

     5.5 Installment Payment offers payment plans of UP TO 4 monthly installments with the details below;
           - 3% fee will be charged per transaction.
           - Krungsri credit cards except for First Choice credit card (Interest fee of 2.96% for 4 months)
           - Bangkok Bank credit cards (Interest fee of 2.96% for 4 months)
           - KBank credit cards (Interest fee of 2.6% for 4 months)
           - Krungthai credit card (KTC) (Interest fee of 2.96% for 4 months)
           *Currently, you can offer payment plans of up to 4 monthly installments with a minimum total charge amount of 2,500 THB.
           **The fee will be calculated from the ticket price and other fees before it will be used to calculate the interest and pay in 4 months.

6. After payment has been completed, ONLY ticket buyers (User’s email) will receive the order confirmation via the email or My Wallet. You can bring this order confirmation to redeem PVC card(s) and wristband(s) at the venue. 

7. If you face any problems while processing an order. You can continue ordering via My Wallet. (Read more on how to continue pending orders)

8. For those who would like to request the full tax invoice / receipt of ticket(s), please find more information via How to request ticket full tax invoice.


  • A PVC card and wristband MUST be presented before entry. 
  • If you have purchased Standing Zone ticket(s), please check your entering queue at the order confirmation or My Wallet section of the Eventpop website or application. Your queue position will be based on the time of your successful payment.
    (Read more on how to check your entering queue)
  • You are not allowed to change your payment method after seat reservation in any case. If you would like to change the payment method, you must cancel the old one and proceed with the new order only. Please ensure that your balance is enough for the purchase before selecting the payment method.
  • We’ll not be held liable for any loss and damage if the transaction is incomplete due to the third-party operators. (e.g. Banking service unavailability and transaction declined by the bank, etc.)
  • According to the organizer's policy, your purchase will be considered the best seat selection at that time. The organizer reserves the right not to change the seat, upgrade the ticket, request to cancel, or refund in any case (Non-refundable / Non-upgradable).
  • The organizer will not be held liable for any resold tickets or tickets from other channels.
  • The organizer will not be held liable for any damaged or lost PVC card and wristband after you’ve received it.
  • All attendees MUST be presented with their own ticket/seat and children under 7 are not allowed to attend. In case the children don’t have an ID card, they are allowed to use a photo or scanned copy of their birth certificate or passport to verify their ages at the event.
  • You agreed to have your video and photo taken at the concert which the organizer may use for any promoting or advertising purposes. If you’re not agreeing with these terms & conditions, please contact
  • By purchasing the ticket, you acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions listed on the event page.

****Important : Please do not show your Order Confirmation / QR Code which is confidential information to the public. The organizer reserves the right not to provide any refunds or issue new tickets.

How to redeem PVC card and wristband at the event

1. Attendees MUST show the order confirmation.

    1.1) Order confirmation can be shown in the format of an e-file or printed. 

    1.2) The name on the order confirmation MUST be matched to those who pick up PVC cards and wristbands at the counter.

2. Please show your ID card, passport or any government-issued card (a photo or a scanned copy is also allowed to show) at the pick-up counter.

3. In case the attendee is not the owner of the order confirmation;

You MUST bring your ID card / passport and a hard copy of the authorized letter. (Read more on How to sign the letter)

Event’s Terms and Conditions

1. Attendee’s name MUST be matched with the name on the PVC card.
*In case the attendee is not the PVC card owner, you MUST bring your ID card / passport and a hard copy of the authorized letter to show before entry.

2. Please arrive at the event at least 2 hours before the door opens since there will very likely  be a long queue of ticket pick-up and entry queuing processes.
**For Standing Zone ticket(s), there will be an entry queuing process (Queue opening time will be announced soon).
***The queue is indicated on your order confirmation or My Wallet. It will be in the order of successfully paid time.

3. We are asking for cooperation from all attendees to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times while watching the concert.

4. Foods and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

5. Official light sticks and cheering kits (e.g. banners no larger than A4) are allowed to be brought inside the venue. Please do not raise them high to overshadow other attendees. 

6. Cameras, recorders, selfie sticks, tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and mobile phones larger than 7 inches are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

7. Live Streaming (both video and audio) is not allowed throughout the concert.
****The organizer reserves the right to delete the live-streaming video and attendees will be asked to leave from the venue immediately.

8. Any kind of suitcase or bags larger than 40 cm are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

9. Portable chairs, lawn chairs and all types of folding chairs are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

10. Balloons or any inflatable items are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

11. Thundersticks or any loud cheering kits, flashlights or all kinds of laser items are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

12. For the safety of everyone involved, we strictly prohibit the entry of illegal substances, weapons, sharp objects, flammable materials, and any other items that may pose a danger to artists, staff, or guests, into the venue. If any such items are discovered during the event, we ask that the organizer promptly removes and secures them. Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the venue.

13. Animals or pets are not allowed to be brought into the venue.

14. No smoking while watching the concert.

15. For your safety, please cooperate in checking those prohibited items before entering the venue.

16. There is luggage storage service in the venue. Valuable belongings are not accepted.

17. There is no station for accepting gifts for the artists.

18. The company reserves the right to change any details without notice and the consideration of the company is finalized.

19. If attendees are violating the terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to not allow entry to the concert in any circumstances.

If you have any question, would like to get further information or have any problem on Eventpop website, please feel free to contact our Customer Support during working hours via 4 ways as follows:

Available on Monday - Sunday from 10:00 – 18:00 Indochina Time (UTC +7).
Live Chat :
E-mail :
Line@ : @eventpop

Available on Monday - Friday from 10:00 – 18:00 Indochina Time (UTC +7)
Call Center : +66(0)62-5932224

Ticket Price

Name on the ticket must match with ticket holder’s ID card or passport.
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