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Woody FM on Stage with Mile - Apo

Woody FM on Stage with Mile - Apo

WoodyFM on Stage with Mile - Apo

Come back again! With a special interview show on stage format of Woody FM. This time, "Mile Pakpoom" and "Apo Nattawin", the two hottest and the most famous actors from KinnPorsche

The Series, are going deeply reveal their true selves for the first time. This is an extremely special and profound talkshow that is going to fully satisfy you.
Get to know both of them better and discover stories you've never known before.
Get ready to mark your calendar and join us at the Woody FM on Stage with Mile-Apo event

on May 4th, 2023 at TRUE ICON HALL @ICON SIAM

Tickets are priced will be available for purchase on 29 March 2023 at 12 pm. onwards at 
Don't miss out on this incredible event, and come to have fun and be surprised!"

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Conditions and Rules for Attending the Event:

1. The ticket for entry will be in the form of an E-Ticket QR Code. You will need to exchange it for a wristband and PVC card at the entrance of the event. What you need to prepare
Thai Attendees must present their E-Ticket along with an original identification card or a card issued by government with a clear name and surname (with a verified photo).
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** At the event, the name on the E-Ticket must match the name of the attendee. The organizer does not allow attendees to pick up wristbands on behalf of other ticket holders under any circumstances.
2. One seat is reserved for one person only.
3. English subtitles will be provided throughout the interview.
4. Recording of pictures, videos, or audio within the event, including live streaming through any device, is strictly prohibited.
5. Bringing food, drinks, and prohibited items such as weapons of any kind, cameras and recording devices of any kind, large bags (more than 90 cm wide + long + high), selfie sticks, tablets, or notebooks larger than 7 inches, laser pens, and drones, is strictly prohibited inside the event area.
6. Bringing any kind of light sign or sign inside the event area is prohibited as it will obstruct the view of others, and bringing any kind of firecracker of any size into the event area is strictly prohibited."
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* This event requires attendees to be at least 13 years old.
Name on the ticket must match with ticket holder’s ID card or passport.

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