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Seven Peaks Speaks: Composable Future Of Android Development

Seven Peaks Speaks: Composable Future Of Android Development
The future of modern Android development is coming, and one of its global updates will change the way developers create beautiful, effective, and performant user interfaces. 

In this meetup, we'll get you set up for the upcoming developments in the Android world, including Jetpack Compose, Native Kotlin constructions with less code, user-friendly APIs and a potent toolkit with built-in Material Design, Dark Theme, and animation support - things that make Android development easier and faster. All of these will be presented through the speak by our three speakers: Fedor Erofeev, Muhammad Naeem, and Tipatai Puthanukunkit.

The first speaker is Fedor Erofeev, our Google Certified Associate Android Developer. He has over five years of experience developing and publishing a variety of applications, ranging from delivery applications to widgets. He will first introduce you to recommended practices on implementing navigation between screen composable with Jetpack Compose. You may use it to help you organize your navigation code, pass simple types and complex data using the Kotlin Serialization plugin and receive them in the destinations on the screen, add lovely animations to your screen transitions, and cover your navigation host with tests.

The next Android developer is Muhammad Naeem, who has more than seven years of expertise designing, creating, testing, and maintaining cutting-edge Android apps for mobile devices used in the e-commerce, educational, and real estate rental sectors. He will demonstrate how Jetpack Compose's robust and extendable APIs make it simple to integrate different animations into your app's UI.

Last but not least, our special speaker Tipatai Puthanukunkit, Junior Principal Engineer at Muvmi will describe tools and techniques for writing screenshot tests in Jetpack Compose. It will demonstrate an automatic screenshot generator and cover best practices for writing good composable code that simplifies the testing process

Speakers of this meetup:
🏆 Fedor Erofeev - Compose Navigation
🏆 Muhammad Naeem - Compose UI Animation
⭐️ Tipatai Puthanukunkit - Compose Screenshot Testing Made Easy

Meetup Details:
🤩 Topic: Composable Future Of Android Development
⏱️ When: Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 18:00 (GMT+7)
📍 Where: Seven Peaks office - The PARQ (West Wing), 7th Floor.
🚆 MRT Queen Sirikit station (Exit 2)
🗣️ This event will be in English


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Seven Peaks Speaks: Composable Composable Future Of Android Development

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