"Genshin Symphony" Concert in Thailand

Five Four Live with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra presents “Genshin Symphony” in Thailand.

The concert will be led by conductor THANAPOL SETABRAHMANA. The concerts will be performed with official videos at Prince Mahidol Hall on 15 and 16 July at 4pm.

This will be the first Genshin Impact’s offline concert in Thailand and we hope to see everyone soon!


Early Bird prices will be available until June 18th 2023, 23:59.

Ticket Price

  • Archon 3,050 Baht (Early Bird 2,650 Baht)
  • Harbinger 2,650 Baht (Early Bird 2,300 Baht)
  • Adeptus 2,300 Baht (Early Bird 1,950 Baht)
  • Traveler 2,000 Baht (Early Bird 1,700 Baht)
  • Adventurer 1,600 Baht (Early Bird 1,450 Baht)
  • Explorer 1,200 Baht (Early Bird 1,100 Baht)
  • Baby Seat 1,600 Baht (Early Bird 1,450 Baht) Zone : FBA, FBB, FBC (Family Room for Family/parent with children under the age of 6) *Listening through speakers only in closed mirror room, Not Recommended if you don't have children. No Refundable

**Early Bird price will be available from 28 May - 18 June 2023 onwards will be normal price**


Showtime 1 : 15 July 2023 (4:00 P.M.)​ 
Showtime 2 : 16 July 2023 (4:00 P.M.)​ 


Prince Mahidol Hall, Mahidol University

Terms and Conditions

1. The gates will open one hour before show time.
2. In case of late arrival, the staff will guide you into the hall when appropriate.
3. Please keep your courtesy in order to ensure that all audiences enjoy comfortable and pleasant performance
4. Photographs and recordings are strictly prohibited.
5. We reserve the rights to change the program of the performance as appropriated.
6. Food and Pet are strictly prohibited inside the hall.
7. Tickets cannot be refunded.

Dress Code 

Due to the dress code policy implement at Mahidol University we kindly ask the following from the audience:

  • The code is smart casual. Strictly no shorts, no flip-flops, and no tank tops
  • The concert hall temperature is adjusted to 20-22 C (68-70F) per musicians’ request. Please prepare accordingly.
  • Cosplay is encouraged, but we kindly ask that you do not bring any helmets, hats, swords, spears, staff, or armor that may restrict the view of any persons behind, beside, or in front of you, but if you do want to bring it as a prop for your photos, there is a coat check to check them in before you enter the concert hall.
  • We also do not allow any type of outfit that may damage the fabric seats inside the hall. If there are damages done to the seats, Mahidol University reserves the right to collect damage penalties.
  • Photography is encouraged in front of the hall, but please do not take any photos or videos during the concerts. 
  • Children under 6 years old may purchase tickets in FBA, FBB, and FBC zone, which is a soundproof glass room with high-quality speakers inside.
  • For further inquiries, please inbox 54 Entertainment's Facebook Page

Terms & Conditions for purchasing tickets

1. Sign up eventpop by email, The registrant's name must match the ID card and the email address must be a valid email address How to sign up click here
2. Reading the detail of each type of ticket and press "Choose Zone and Seats"
      *1 User can buy UP TO 6 TICKETS / SHOWTIME, can buy only in the same zone. Cannot buy across zones
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5. Confirm payment
6. How to Download Receipt
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  • According to the organizer’s policy, your purchase will be considered the best seat selection at that time. The organizer reserves the right not to change the seat, upgrade the ticket, request to cancel or refund in any cases.
  • The organizers will not be liable for any tickets that was not purchased directly from the ticketing channels established by the organizers under any circumstance.
  • Persons with wheelchair disabled who interested in purchasing tickets, please contact the organizers at 54 Entertainment Facebook Page

**Please do not show your E-Ticket / Confidential information to public. The organizer reserves the right not to provide any refunds or issue new tickets.

Participants prepare the following documents to enter the event: 

Prepare the following documents to exchange ticket at the event
1. E-Ticket QR CODE 
2. Identification card or Passport (Copy of Passport or Passport photo can be used)

*On the event date, the name on E-Ticket QR CODE must be the same as the person who receives the ticket*
**Prepare E-Ticket to exchange ticket at the event**
 - In the case of receive by yourself: We will mainly check from the ticket information specified on the E-ticket and identification card, passport or card issued by a government agency with clear name and surname.

   - In case the recipient is not the owner of E-Ticket: Must prepare authorized letter How to sign the authorized letter click here

 - In the case of using facebook name in E-Ticket: Show your real Facebook page to verify

   - In case of unable to attend the event on that day, Tickets can be transferred through the Eventpop system until 2 days before the event. Can change ticket's name through eventpop system 1 time How to change ticket receiver's name on E-Ticket click here

**To follow COVID-19 recent policies,
it is no longer required to show ATK and proof of 2 vaccinations before entering the hall. However, we would still ask for your cooperation to keep your mask on at all times when staying inside the auditorium.

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Ticket Price


15 July 2023 : GENSHIN Symphony Concert in Thailand

฿1,100.00 - ฿2,650.00
15 Jul 2023 16:00 - 18:00

16 July 2023 : GENSHIN Symphony Concert in Thailand

฿1,100.00 - ฿2,650.00
16 Jul 2023 16:00 - 18:00
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