Creative Network Sharing by Co-working Visa : The Technical Building Blocks of VR by Al Caudullo

Creative Network Sharing by Co-working Visa : The Technical Building Blocks of VR by Al Caudullo

    Overall trends and update the latest development in Virtual Reality Technology by
Al Caudullo

Creative Network Sharing : The Technical Building Blocks of VR Talk by Al Caudullo

Date       : Tuesday 28 March 2017 at 7.00 - 9.00 PM

Location : Launchpad 1st floor, Sethiwan Tower, Pan Road  (aside Myanmar Embassy)

    As an emerging format, VR has the potential to be the biggest disruptive
technology to ever come along. But without the proper building blocks the foundation of
VR will crumble.
    New advances are showing up almost faster than we can talk about them. As a
serial beta tester and technology maven for some of the biggest companies in the game,
Al Caudullo has established his place in VR. Al will share his insights and 37 years of
experience to bring you up to date on 360 VR technology, trends and the latest
development in VR Community.
    Al has already contributed to 360 VR videos for companies as diverse as GoPro,
Adobe, Mettle, Mocha VR, Celestica and even the Bill Gates Foundation. Join him for a
uniquely insightful look at the empathy engine of 360 VR at Launchpad this Tuesday

Speaker Profile
Al Caudullo
    Al Caudullo’s multiple award winning career has spanned 30 years of video production
including excellence in HD, 3D, 4K UltraHD and now 360VR. His career highlights include –
including ground-breaking work in Videowalls - the 72nd Annual Academy Awards, the
Year 2000 Daytona 500 and the 100th US Open PGA Golf Championship. In the field of
3D, Caudullo created and taught Asia’s first 3D production class at Mahidol University,
    Most recently Caudullo has been in the forefront of the exciting field of 4K UltraHD
creating projects for Sony and Grass Valley. Shooting with the newest Sony 4K UltraHD
cameras, his work was highlighted at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in
2014. Al Caudullo has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide
including in China, Singapore, and Hollywood.

6.30 PM Register Begins
7.00 PM Presentation Starts
8.00 PM onwards Q&A and Networking Session

*The talk will be conducted in English
Attendance 50 seats
Free Admission

1. Please arrive 30 minutes before the event to register
2. The Sessions will be only in English with no translation
3. Free Admission

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