We are ONE!

27 May 2017 21:00 - 28 May 2017 03:00
We are turning 1
Wow. 1 full year. Time flies I tell ya. And how things change! We started out a year ago with the vision to bring together the LGBTQ+ community in Thailand. And that was it. Now look at us! As of today we have 10 awesome team members and are expanding way beyond what we had originally envisioned. And that's a good thing after all.

We'll elaborate more about our expansion and new team members shortly, but right now we want to celebrate our 1 year birthday. Come visit us on Saturday, May 27th from 9PM until 2AM and celebrate with us.

We'll be bringing you lots of surprises, giveaways, and treats!

We came into this world crying, kicking and screaming, and now we feel a little more grown up at 1 year old. That's not true, we're still young and have no idea what this crazy world has in store for us. Come join us on the adventure.


This event requires attendees to be at least 21 years old.
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Founded in 2016 with the objective to address and serve the many multi-faceted needs of the LGBTIQ+ community within Bangkok, as well as Thailand as a whole.


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