TEDxBangkok 2017

TEDxBangkok 2017

"Applications are closed :)"

Thank you very much for your interest in our event TEDxBangkok 2017 : little things mingle. Unfortunately, due to limited seats availability, we apologize that we are unable to accommodate everyone.


However, we strongly believe in "Ideas Worth Spreading" that should not be limited to our event and are happy to inform you that we also have two additional channels for you to view all talks and immerse in the ideas presented at our event via Live Streaming.

Please follow our Facebook page (TEDxBangkok)

website ( for more details to be released SOON!

How to attend TEDxBangkok

You can see more details about TEDxBangkok 2017 at

*Please read carefully the following terms and conditions*

  • For those who would like to join TEDxBangkok 2017, please complete the application form. Our staff will notify the status of your application via email.

  • By submitting your application, you give your consent that all personal data that you submit may be processed by us for the purposes of news and update notifications and/or data pre-filling. Don't worry - your information will only be used for TEDxBangkok :)

  • For those whose application are accepted, you will be notified by email and provided with the payment details.

  • Only one ticket can be purchased per attendee. No ticket can be transferred to another person.

  • Tickets are not available to purchase at the event.

  • All tickets (General Ticket and Angel ticket) include admission fee, documentation, event T-shirt, snack and lunch.

  • The ticket price included 7% Value-Added Tax (VAT).

  • The ticket price does not include a service charge of 25 Baht and a credit card fee at 3%.

  • Please remember that once you make a purchase, no exchanges or refunds will be allowed.

  • You can request for your Tax Invoice by July 31, 2017 via My Wallet menu. Please note that we cannot provide any Tax invoices at the event.

  • Most talks are primarily in Thai language. You can request for translation headphones when making the payment and present a valid picture ID to receive your device at the event.

  • Due to limited parking spaces, we cannot reserve parking or stamp any parking tickets. We encourage you to use public transportations.

Why do we select the audience for TEDxBangkok?

TEDxBangkok does not only ensure you acquire the power of thoughts from the speakers, but we also want to create an extraordinary atmosphere where everybody gets to genuinely exchange their ideas. We want to open up opportunities for the diversity of professions, ideas, experiences and interests whether it is in business, science, arts, or social activist. We want to make sure all areas are well covered.

Because of that, the little time you take to answer our questions is really meaningful as it helps us getting to know you.

The selection process

- Our selection panel consists of highly experienced TEDx organizers from various professional backgrounds.

- Your position at your organization and reputation have nothing to do with our judging criteria.

- We read attentively every word in your application form. Of course, we put our maximum efforts into the selection process!

This application may take some time to complete and CANNOT be saved. You can download the questions here and prepare your answers beforehand.


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