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Turbo Charge Your Business by Roger La Salle

Turbo Charge Your Business


by Roger La Salle


10 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition &
leave them wondering what happened!
28th September, 2017 @ NOVOTEL Bangkok, Sukhumvit 20, (9:00 am To 4:30 pm)

This Master Class is delivered by a world expert 
who has done it all before. This is not business theory, but practical, 
real hands-on innovation. You will experience it, you will see it 
in action, and you will use it as Roger presents this seminar.


 Roger La Salle Seminar    Roger La Salle Seminar


We guarantee you will leave this seminar with a new way to think, 
and a new approach to building your business; 
one that is so simple, you could never have imagined it.


Come open minded and be prepared to be involved. 
Our guarantee is that you will leave this session with at least one 
new idea and moreover a way to find many more


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For more information on “TURBO CHARGE YOUR BUSINESS” or corporate training, consulting with Roger La Salle, please contact us.


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This Seminar will be in English Language, 

Simultaneous Translation also available, English to Thai Language. 


Roger La Salle Seminar


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