Site Reliability Engineering 1st meet up @ the Kubric

Site Reliability Engineering 1st meet up @ the Kubric

We are excited to announce our very first SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) meet-up @ The Kubric. Hosted by hackers for hackers, this is the real deal. And everyone is welcome! 

6th Jul 2017 - Starts 6:30pm - The Kubric  


What is SRE?


Google's mastermind behind SRE - Ben Treynor, still has not published a single-sentence definition, however he describes site reliability Engineering as:

- What happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations





6:30pm - Registration 


7:00pm - Presentation#1 Security challenges in a SRE environment 

-       William Sandin (YesMom, ex-Spotifier) 

-       Security aspects around containers, secrets management, cloud and targeted attacks towards developers and system engineers.


7:30pm- Q&A + Mingle 


7:45pm - Presentation#2 How to build a home assistant using action on Google

-       Marcelo Barbosa (HotelQuickly, ex-Googler)    

-       Covers interesting tools such as A.I, voice recognition, Google Home, Python, App Engine.


8:15pm -  Q&A + Open Forum 

-       Discuss industry trends, Googles Site Reliability Engineering book, what SRE and DevOps in reality is in Thailand, or any other topics you find interesting 



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