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Aristotle's Cafe
Aristotle's Cafe is back.
If you're looking for the safe zone to speak your mind, here's the place for you...

Welcome to Aristotle's Cafe,

For those of you who haven’t been to one of our session I would like to introduce to you what we do.

This is a safe space, this is our safe space, your safe space. You will be asked to share your opinions and ideas with one another honestly and respectably. You might be asked to support your opinions and I think you’ll be ready for that.

We have 3 very important rules
1. The facilitator, me, can only ask questions and I am to try my best not to give any opinions.
2. There are no right or wrong answers, I repeat, there are no right or wrong answers – This is time to be free with your thinking. I only ask that you be respectful in your agreement and disagreement.
3. Finally, this will last about 1 hour, please stay the entire time if you wish to take part => turn all cell phones – computers, pagers, cameras off, they are not allowed during this time. 

Finally, this isn’t a rule, but just a warning. We might end with more questions than answers. So you might walk away from this experience with more questions, frustrations or ideas, and I hope that you share them with people that didn’t make it here and join us again with them next week. 

To Begin:
• Please write down any question you’ve had on your mind big or small, easy or difficult, deep or shallow on this sheet of paper. It is best if you try to make a question that can’t be answered with “Yes” or “No” but not necessary.
• You then fold it up and hand it to me, do not put your name on it, I will read them off anonymously


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