Strategy Thinking and Execution Training program

Strategy Thinking and Execution Training program

Strategic Thinking and Execution


Learning how to think more broadly, deeply and systematically is critical to developing business strategy. We use researched methodologies tools and techniques. Our approach teaches leaders to be more analytical, draw sound conclusions and make strategic choices that accelerate business growth. However, strategy is only as good as the execution that supports it. New thinking brings new strategies that must be executed to produce results. Our unique process, STAR (Strategic Thinking, Action, Results) brings strategy and execution together. STAR is a proven program that brings consistency, rigor and discipline to your organization’s strategic thinking and executional implementation.

We help you also understand the dynamics of a Strategic Management System based on HBS Balanced Scorecard and proven Strategic Execution management systems.

Practicing and understanding the key questions to answer in the right context is critical, we use simulation and practical exercises on your strategy.

Having the right environment to develop with your colleagues who are rich with different personalities and outlook to input based on a way forward agenda.

Are you ready to think in a way that yields innovation and focus to the work in hand?

Do you have a process that develops your strategy in such away that everyone can execute it?

Is everybody's' job in your company include strategy or implementing the strategic goals?

If the answer to these questions is No come and join us to enrich your knowledge


To understand and learn how to achieve clarity when goal setting, making sure your strategy is precise, measurable, actionable and a process that achieves strategic execution.

Who Should Attend

Senior Managers
Strategy support staff
Understanding of good communication 
Vision, mission statements and relative goals
Operations Management


The important questions you need to produce a good strategy or great strategy
How strategy links to everything you do
A new way of thinking

Training Fees: 20,000 baht (VAT Exclude)


Early Bird Discount: save 2,000 THB if you register the course and make the payment by 7th August 2017.

Group Discount: 10% discount if at least 3 participants register from the same organization.                     

What you will learn

Importance of having a Vision and Mission
Time horizon for your strategy
Strategic thinking techniques
Strategy process based on Richard Rummelt’s definition
Strategic management system
Balanced Scorecard methodology, tools and techniques
Translating Strategy into Action hence execution
What will you achieve
Strategy definitions
Tools for creating, managing and sustaining your strategy
Balanced Scorecard methodology
Setting targets, milestones, resources with Lead and Lag measurement indicators
Thinking clearly
Six ways to think

Agenda  one day 09:00 to 17:00

0900 - 0930 Introduction
0930 - 1030 Goals and objectives supporting the Vision, Mission statements
1030 - 1045 Coffee
1045 - 1130 Six ways to think
1130 - 1230 Strategic Management System to manage strategy through to tactical management to measure the execution
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 -1500 Strategy process so strategy is the heart of what you do
1500 - 1515 Tea
1515 - 16:45 Building your Strategic Management System
16:45 - 17:00 Wrap up

Day 2

0900 - 0930 Relook at day 1
0930 - 1030 Strategic Thinking in your organisation
1030 to 10 45 Coffee
1045 to 1230  Strategic Thinking styles
1230 to 1330  Lunch
1330 to 1500  Strategic Thinking Toolkit
1500 to 1515  Tea
1515 to 1630  Review Exercises
1630 to 1700 Where next and close

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