OKR's Objectives and Key Results 101

OKR's Objectives and Key Results 101
What are OKR's ? 

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a process of setting, communicating and keeping track of goals, progress and results in teams and organizations. OKR's successfully link company, team and personal objectives while providing a way to measure the results, making communication vivid between all members working together towards a common goal. 

OKR's were introduced to Google back in 1999 when Google was less than a year old, and have been in use ever since. In a start up environment time and effort are scare resources which both demand to be allocated wisely in order to focus on what's important. specially in the very early stages of a business.  

During the event we will introduce the OKR model, show examples of its use within the studio, share what we have learned from using the OKR's in the past and conduct a mini workshop to help you set your own OKR's weather for personal use or for your team. as well as giving you a chance to meet and network with people of similar interests and mindsets. 

Our hosts for the event will be: 

Nithima Ducrocq, Chief Operating Officer of Yesmom app 
Riyad Sharaf, Talent Manager at Santora Nakama 

** Event is in English 
6:30 - Registration 
7:00 - OKR's theory and introduction 
7:10 - OKR's in business and example from the studio
7:25 - Case study 
7:45 - Summary 
8:00 - Networking 


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