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เทคนิคพื้นฐานเครื่องประดับยัดลาย โดย อังซา|CMDW17

Art of Filigree 
Filigree is derived from the Latin word filum (meaning thread). Filigree is an ancient art tracing back 5000 years, consisting of twisting the fine thread-like wires to shape and soldered into highly delicate ornamental lacy designs. 

This lacy metal technique is one of the oldest and most beautiful art forms and is ideal for multi- layered designs such as flowers and insects. Angsa is delighted to pres- ent two exquisite collections inspired by nature and individual interpretation.


This event requires attendees to be at least 18 years old.

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Angsa Jewelry

Hongsara & Angkan developed the love for Filigree art from their father, the first-generation jeweller when he was just a teen. His father Mr Pongmit started filigree art jewelry since 1971 for the Lanna people in Northern Thailand and has accumulated 40 years of experience since then. Each pieces of jewelry is hand crafted and hand-made, maintaining the quality of the products. Today, Hongsara & Angkan carried on the tradition and design filigree jewelry art pieces in both traditional and contemporary styles under the brand "ANGSA"