เบื้องหลังภาพลวงตา โดย บริษัท อิลลูชั่น จำกัด | CMDW17

เบื้องหลังภาพลวงตา โดย บริษัท อิลลูชั่น จำกัด | CMDW17

Illusion’s behind the scene decoding

Illusion was founded in 2001 by Surachai Puthikulangkura. Starting from post-production retouch work, Illusion has grown into the globally acclaimed CGI (computer-generated imagery) studio with over 1,000 international recognitions such as Cannes Lions Grand Prix awards. It has worked with 19 leading local agencies and 29 agencies from Europe, South America and Asia to the Middle East. Surachai Puthikulangkura has also been Lürzer’s Archive’s highest ranking illustrator since 2013.

Get a behind-the-scene glimpse into the thinking and working processes that put Illusion on the global creative map and become Thailand’s first and only print production house that won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix award using CGI technology.


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