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Kolour In The Park 2018 - BUS TICKETS


- Is it a van or a bus?

We will primarily book vans however some routes may have a bus depending on the demand and ticket sales.

- Can customers bring their stuff on bus?

Yes, just as long as it's small enough that you can hold it at your seat space (e.g a back pack or carry bag).

- Where can customers find the bus leaving Bangkok?

The bus will depart from Ekkamai Bus Station. You can see the location pin HERE. We will have a staff in the station with signage. We can not give the exact gate number now as the station allocates it to us on the day of the event. We will email everyone who buys a ticket with the info once we have it.

- How many minutes is the ride?

From Ekkamai Bus Station to the festival will be a 40 - 50 minutes ride (41km).

- Where can customers find the bus leaving Kolour In The Park?

The bus will depart from Ket Prapha Temple and drop off at Ekkamai Bus Station. You can see the location pin HEREWe will have a staff with the bus pick-up/drop-off signage. 

- If a customer takes the afterparty bus, where will they be dropped off?

The afterparty bus will depart from Thai Wake Park (Ket Prapha Temple pick-up spot)         and arrive at Ekkamai Bus Station.

- If a customer misses the bus can they use their ticket for the next round?

Unfortunately your ticket will not be valid unless it is your allocated time. We can try to fit you on the next round if there are seats, but we can not guarantee this.

- If a customer misses the bus, can they buy a ticket for another bus on the day?

Because all of our buses are pre-booked, we will not have additional buses waiting on the day even if you want to buy. We would advise a Taxi or Grab instead.


This event requires attendees to be at least 20 years old.

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