เชียงใหม่-โคราช (CNX-NAK)

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เชียงใหม่-โคราช (CNX-NAK)


Chiang Mai-Korat (CNX-NAK)  Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10.30-11.55 a.m.
Price 1,999 Baht 


Description : NewGen Airways : Round Trip
Korat-Donmuang, Korat-Chiang Mai, Korat-Phuket

Condition of the Event Pop / NewGen Air Ticket
- Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card only
- Require Title / Lastname / Firstname in English only
- Event Pop Code use for the payment reference only but not the Airline Ticket
- The Airline Ticket will issue by the Airline and will send to the Passenger via Passenger's email 
- The Airline Ticket is Non Refunable / Non Changeable 
- If the passenger have any question, please contact NewGen Airways Call Center at 02-838-8338
- The Passenger of NewGen Airways get 10 Kgs FREE for the Check-In Baggage and FREE 1 Hand Carry Baggage 5 Kgs only 
- Check-In Counter Open 2 Hrs and will Close 45 mins before Flight Departure Time
- Fore the Airline Rules, please read more information from the Conditions of Carriage at 

- Customer who request for Tax Invoice or Receipt must send the full information of the Receipt / Tax Invoice to NewGen's email at . The Receipt / Tax Invoice will issue and send via postal mail to customer only within 7 days from the date of email's received.

- For Event Pop Tax Invoice / Receipt, Customer can read more info at

Asking For Information 
- Ticketing Counter. The Mall Korat (New Zone) (10.30 a.m.-07.00 p.m.)
- Ticketing Counter. 3rd Floor Terminal 1, Donmuang Airport  (09.00 a.m.-06.30 p.m.)
- Ticketing Counter. 1st Floor, Chiang Mai Airport (09.00 a.m.-06.30 p.m.)
- Ticketing Counter. 1st Floor, Phuket Airport (09.00 a.m.-06.30 p.m.)
- Call Center  02-838-8338 (09.00 a.m.-06.30 p.m.)


Contacts Channels :
Line: @ngairways
Facebook: NewGen Airways 
Twitter: NewGenairways
Instagram: NewGenairways
YouTube Channel: NewGen Airways
Call Center: 02-838-8338


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