Asia Blockchain Expo And Conference

Asia Blockchain Expo And Conference
As Blockchain technologies have already begun to change the world and their possible disruption is monumental, Asia Blockchain was created to connect, educate, collaborate and involve the masses about the latest trends in this Crypto Currency and Blockchain space. To explore opportunities and discuss various use-cases across different industry verticals. Furthermore, it gives a platform for Crypto Currency and Blockchain industry leaders to meet up and exchange ideas. Blockchain and Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin are changing the world at a maximum speed. With the initiation of Bitcoin, the Blockchain was introduced to the world which is often considered to be one of the most significant tech findings on the 21st century.

Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space, Blockchain Expo will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including real-estate, government, music, energy, insurance, healthcare, financial services and legal sectors.


* This event requires attendees to be at least 18 years old.

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Asia Blockchain Expo And Conference