Tesco Lotus Hackathon 2018 : Revolutionising Retail Towards Thailand 4.0

Tesco Lotus Hackathon 2018 : Revolutionising Retail Towards Thailand 4.0

No matter you are an ambitious entrepreneur, visionary designer or passionate developer, this Hackathon is for you! 
Tesco Lotus together with Chulalongkorn University, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, and National Innovation Agency hold a Hackathon to revolutionise Thailand’s retail industry for future neighborhood. 

Hackathon Objective

- To have thinkers and innovators brainstorm their ideas in an attempt to improve the service quality of small retail stores.
- To develop a good understanding of small retail business and to make attendees aware of related current innovations such as electronic payment, e-commerce, and logistics, ultimately to advance the retail industry itself.
- To provide thinkers and innovators, as well as entrepreneurs, with a knowledge-sharing space in order to help “innovate” for the future prospect of their operations in international environments.
-To help enforce compliance with the government’s economic policy and to ensure the country’s economic growth growing with stability, prosperity, and sustainability.

Open House Agenda

Hackathon Agenda


Application Timeline

8 Jan – 20 Feb, 2018       

Open for application

27 Feb, 2018 

Short-list announcement (maximum 100 qualified applicants)

3 Mar, 2018 

Tesco Lotus Open House at Tesco Lotus Head Office

16  – 18 Mar, 2018         

Hackathon at Chulalongkorn University

*This event is in English*

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You will not want to miss this Hackathon.
Join in and let’s disrupt Thailand’s retail experiences!

Application Form

Tesco Lotus Hackathon 2018 Application Form

This event requires you to fill in an application form in English for further screening procedure. Please fill in the form and wait for the application to be processed. After it has been approved, you will get a link from your email to receive the ticket as a qualified applicant.


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