Mapping Typology by Atelier NL

Mapping Typology by Atelier NL


This workshop program is provided with a methodology that encourages a deeper appreciation for the environment, culture and yourself. It guides you to appreciate the potential of subtlety and to trust your own capacities. Its developed to use design not mainly as a vector to create objects, but as a process to reveal a hidden world of data.

Participants will undertake a personal design journey through a Mapping Typology workshop. They will explore found objects in the field, collecting what they are naturally drawn to. Through this process, much will be revealed about the collector. The choices will reveal how they view the world as a designer.

Mapping Typology is developed by Atelier NL based on their knowledge, vision and working

methodology. This program provides you tools, new insights and guide you to understand your own working methods.


10.00-11.00 introduction Atelier NL

11:00-13:00 collecting stray objects and waste materials

13:00-13:30 lunch

13:30-16:00 sharing discoveries and reflect on experience, organizing findings in several ways, combine findings in a collective map

The language of the workshop is English.


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