World Wide Work Shop by Lucas Maassen

26 January 2018 10:00 - 30 January 2018 18:00
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Souvenirs as we know them often don’t reflect a culture as it is. They mainly caricaturize

the history and traditions of a land in to symbols. At the World Wide Work Shop we think every human individual has its own culture situated with in many different ones. Your culture is not only related to where you come from but also by what you read, watch, believe, do and who you meet and where you go. At the World Wide Work Shop our aim is to create souvenirs from this point of view and send them all over the world to give more objective and deeper understanding about the endless cultures existing in the globalised world of today.

The World Wide Work Shop employs makers, thinkers and other creatives from all over the world to materialise (fictional) stories, ideas and/or believes. Our goal is to create a world wide factory which exists out of local workshops from where mass produced materialised stories, ideas and believes are shipped all over the world by tourist and travellers. We believe in a global culture in which every individual human being has it’s own package of history, present and future.


The workshop starts at TCDC Auditorium where participants will be divided into working groups. From the 27th January on these working groups will work half day at LHONG1919 to produce the souveniers between 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm.

Ticket price excludes materials: working materials will be bought together at a nearby market at the beginning of the workshop.

Friday 26 Jan at TCDC Auditorium

- introduction of workshop and work of Lucas Maassen

- start workshop / concept development

Saturday 27 Jan at Lhong1919

- continuing workshop / creating souvenirs

- filling shop

- opening

Sunday 28 Jan - BREAK

Monday 29 Jan at Lhong1919

- continuing workshop / creating souvenirs

- filling shop

Tuesday 30 Jan at Lhong1919

- continuing workshop / creating souvenirs

- filling shop

Working language: English.


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