Sawas Dee Craft by WANDSCHAPPEN

Sawas Dee Craft by WANDSCHAPPEN

The artists&designers Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar will take you on a bicycle tour through a special area of Bangkok to experience the amazing hidden places of this big city. The tour will be followed by a workshop that concentrates on the making process of an object based on our memory of what we experienced and photographed during the tour. You will take home a self crafted memory prototype.


09.50-10.00 Meet at River City

10.00 Short introduction of Wandschappen

10.20 Walk to bike rental Co van Kessel

10.30 Start of the bike tour 

In case of more than 12 participants 10 minutes later a second group will start

± 14.00 back at River City: start workshop

17.00 End of workshop

Working language: English


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