Achieving Social Impact with Your Career

Achieving Social Impact with Your Career


Only 80,000 hours in your career... How can you use them to achieve the most social impact? 

Come hear the story of how a non-profit asking this question earned a rare slot in Y Combinator, the world’s top startup accelerator, back in 2015, and now works to help people make the most social impact with their careers. 

Meet Benjamin Todd, Co-Founder and CEO of the award-winning non-profit 80,000 Hours and author of the widely-read career guide “80,000 Hours: Find a fulfilling career that does good.”

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7.30 PM Registration

8.00 PM Networking

8.30 PM Presentation by Benjamin Todd, Co-Founder and CEO of 80,000 Hours

- The Story Behind 80,000 Hours

- How to choose what problem to focus on so that you get the most impact out of what you do? 

- Being a non-profit in Y-Combinator 

9.00 PM Q&A

9.30 PM Mingling 

Invite your friends, whether they be startups, changemakers, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, mentors, career coaches, counsellors, teachers, or just some people wanting to make the most social impact out of their time! Everyone will get something out of this special talk. Come meet and mingle with Bangkok’s socially conscious crowd, make some new friends and fill your thought with ideas and inspiration to take home.


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