What is KILORUN?

            When running doesn’t measure just Kilometre anymore, but also Kilogram. KILORUN, the new running festival, the only one that you can enjoy running, eating and travelling all in one.  Apart from having good health and joy, everyone can enjoy the best selected local dishes along with the unique route of the iconic city. As well as sharing race experiences with friends and families, no matter who you are or where you are from.

    KILORUN  divided into 2 categories:   

    1. KG (Kilogram) or Aroi Run,  
             For KG (Kilogram) or Aroi Run,   , the walk- run route that measure by Kilogram. With the iconic attractions  along the routes , Runners will get a chance to taste the Signature dishes from each city. After tasted the selected dishes, the runners whoever gain weight according to these criteria  0.5 KG and 1 KG will receive the special KG medal. And that’s where the KG :Aroi Run comes from.
    KG(キログラム)/Aroi run(美味しいラン)
    記録計測のものさしとなるのは…なんと!キログラム(体重)!その土地で選りすぐりの美味しいご当地グルメを味わいつつ、綺麗な景色を楽しみながらウォーキング・ランニングして、ゴール時に体重が無事に増えていれば!キロランオリジナルデザインのメダルをもらえます。参加者は、体重増加量を0.5KG/ 1KGから選ぶことができます。

    2. KM (KILOMETRE) or Breakfast Run 
               It’s not so much the destination as it is the journey. The KM (KILOMETRE) routes  were chosen from most iconic attractions of its cities. Runners will get a chance to experience the culture, architectures and the view of iconic attractions along the route, which are divided into 3 distances; KIDS RUN 2.5 KILOMETREFUN RUN 5.5  KILOMETRE and  MINI MARATHON 11 KILOMETRE 
    KM(キロメートル)/Breakfast run(朝ごはんラン
    参加者はその土地の雰囲気、文化、建築物や人々のライフスタイルを感じながらランニングを楽しむことができます。距離別に、キッズラン 2.5kmファンラン 5.5kmミニマラソン 11kmに分かれています。

    The destination of KILORUN 2018 ?

    City destinations of KILORUN 2018

     • 1st  KILORUN BANGKOK :   Ancient City Bangkok, Thailand
    2nd KILORUN BALI      :  Bali, Indonesia
    3rd KILORUN OSAKA   :  Osaka, Japan
    4th KILORUN HANOI    : Hanoi, Vietnam
    KILORUN 2018開催地
    ・第ルート KILORUN BANGKOK : バンコク(タイ)
    ・第ルート KILORUN BALI            : バリ(インドネシア)
    ・第ルート KILORUN OSAKA       : 大阪(日本)
    ・第ルート KILORUN HANOI        : ハノイ(ベトナム)


    Distance /Categories

    KG :Aroi Run

    • KG 0.5 Kilogram : Ticket THB 850*
    • KG 1 Kilogram : Ticket THB 850*

      KM : Breakfast Run

      • KIDS RUN 2.5 Kilometre : Ticket THB 300*
      • FUN RUN 5.5 Kilometre : Ticket THB 550*
      • MINI MARATHON 11 Kilometre : Ticket THB 650*
      * Remark: Ticket fee included VAT 7%. Excluded others fee upon your payment method.
      ※備考:チケット金額はVAT 7%を含んだ金額です。その他費用は含まれておりません。

      Routing Map

      KG (Aroi Run) - Distance 2.5 KM

      KM (Breakfast Run)
      • KIDS RUN - Distance 2.5 KM

      • FUN RUN - Distance 5.5 KM

      •  MINI MARATHON - Distance 9 KM 

       *** Change the distance from 11km to 9km*** 

      Race Collection
      • KG : Aroi Run

        ** KG Apron + BIB ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

        ** KG Medal ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

        ** KG Medal Correction for 4 Country **

        • KM : Breakfast Run

          ** KM Running Shirt ** 

          * Remark: KIDS RUN  will not get a KM running shirt.

          ** KM Medal ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

          ** KM Medal Correction for 4 Country **

          AGE GROUP:

          • KIDS RUN 2.5 KM

                    - Male / Female :  6-15 years old.

            * Remark: Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by guardians during the race.
            • FUN RUN 5.5 KM และ MINI MARATHON 11 KM
                      - Male / Female :  16 years old and above.

              RACE INFORMATION 

              ** Venue and timing may be subject to change.

                ** Spacial Promotion from Air Asia for KILORUN Ticket**

                        For the special discount promotion from Air Asia for KILORUN Ticket, You will need to buy Air Asia ticket, whether it’s domestic or international flight from anywhere but the destination should be Bangkok only!! Travel period is between 1 –31 March 2018. After buying Air Asia ticket, note your “6 digits booking number”. Choose the correct KILORUN ticket type below and fill in requirement form then put “6 digits of booking number” when asking.

                ** BOOKING NUMBER allowed for 1 User per 1 Ticket ONLY!!!
                ** You can buy KILORUN ticket with Air Asia Promotion from 16 February 2018 until the tickets are all SOLD OUT!!
                 ** The promotions are limited and may not be available on all flights. Air Asia's Terms and conditions are apply.  
                ** The organizer reserves the rights to verify eligibility user for Air Asia Special Promotion without prior notice. If the organizer found any intentional dishonest act, repeat  booking number for buying KILORUN Ticket or not eligible booking number or fruad.  The organizer reserves the rights to NOT REFUND!! the registration fees for ANY REASON!!!!

                **Air Asia tickets can be booking from the website:

                **Participants of Kilorun will be auto-enrolled as AirAsia BIG Members.

                KILORUN Rules & Conditions: 
                1. Participants fully understand and will comply rules & regulations and the Wavier form.
                2. Participants are specific personal identifiers and are not allowed to grant their right to others as their representatives.
                3. Parents, Relatives, followers, friends or disqualified/finished participants are prohibited to follow the participant or disturb the others. (For every categories)  
                4. The organizer reserves the right to postpone, cancel or stop the event that the organizer sees fit without prior notice.
                5. Participants agree to pick up Race kit personally. Another person can come and collect on behalf of the participants. Such person must provide authorization letter from the ticket holder. 
                6. Participants will be responsible for their own information printed on the ticket.
                7. Photos, video/voices records, articles, and race statistics are all reserved under the right of the organizer. They are possibly publicized and broadcasted to media such as newspapers, the internet, TVs, magazines, etc. Runners can make use of their photos, video/voices records without permission. However, all photos and video/voices records of the event as well as the race are absolutely prohibited for commercial exploitation.
                8. The registration fees are included 7% tax fee only. The other services depend on the payment method.
                9. Ticket can’t be change, return for money, transfer nor exchange for any reason. 
                10. Participants agree to be dismissed during the race if violate any rules & regulation or organizer see fit. 
                11. T-shirt size will be made by the quota.

                  For more information and updates about KILORUN 




                  Thank you and see you at KILORUN!

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