Design Your Life

Design Your Life
LIFE DESIGN SERIES is a course designed to improve your life. Every Monday of February 2018 there will be one class dedicated to one specific topic.

12 February / DESIGN YOUR LIFE
Life is a process, and if it’s a process it can be designed. No matter what is your background or profession, you can improve every aspect of your life, and this workshop is designed to help you to manage and design every aspect of your life. During the workshop, we will first present a few ideas, and then do some activities. You will actively participating to the activities and try them first hand. This workshop is intended to show you what you can do, every day, to improve yourself and the quality of your life. 

Who is teaching the class? Professor and designer Carlo Convertini was born in Italy and is currently based in Bangkok. He has m
ore than 7 years of experience as educator and more than 10 as interior, furniture and product designer.

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This class is a 90 minutes workshop during which we will experiment with basic tools and learn more about the topic and how to apply it to our daily life. The workshop is in English and there is a limited number of seats (20) so please book your seat in advance. No special skills are required, everyone can join.

The next episodes will be:
19 February / Episode 3 / HOW TO STAY CREATIVE
26 February / Episode 4 / BE YOURSELF


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