Tech Supper Club #1 "The Future of Crypto: Beyond the Hype and Speculation"

Tech Supper Club #1 "The Future of Crypto: Beyond the Hype and Speculation"
Forget about the price of Bitcoin for a second. Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with Jun Hasegawa and Paul Ark (Polapat Arkkrapridi).

How is blockchain changing the world? What are the use cases?
What to expect from cryptocurrencies in 2018?

Will this new digital economy stay or go bust?
Explore these questions together in this casual gathering.

The session will be conducted in English and take around 1 hour, followed by networking session.

Tech Supper Club series are informal evening gatherings for tech enthusiasts in Thailand. 

Each edition focuses on emerging trends and hottest topics in the digital space, where we bring you tech evangelists from around the globe. 
Tech Supper Club session is free to attend (for a limited time). No technical knowledge required, sign up, and come with your open mind and your burning questions!

*What you will learn from this session

> Crypto101: Cryptocurrency, the blockchain technology behind, and the use cases, explained simply for dummies and beginners

> Crypto Regulation: How are different countries reacting to cryptocurrencies? And what does it mean for the world economy?

> Are we heading for a Cryptopocalypse? Exploring some of the potential scenarios that could happen in 2018 and beyond.
Disclaimer: The conversations taking place do not form part of any investment recommendation of any specific product or company.

*Who should attend this session
Discover and meet with some of the crypto-nerds, investors, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and other like-minded individuals in town.

Spaces are limited to 80 only! - Please RSVP.


18:00 Registration and networking

18:30 Welcome session

18:45 Fireside chat and Q&A

20:00 More networking

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