Chiangmai Developer Meetup#2

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Chiangmai Developer Meetup#2

Chiangmai Developer Meetup#2

The coolest developer's hub in Chiangmai will be back in action on 5 April 2018. This event come with many speakers who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge here in our office, THiNKNET Chiangmai, The Office Plus Building Chiangmai 2nd floor.

18.00 - 19:00            Register

19:00 - 19:10            Introducing all the Speakers and Sessions 

19:10 - 19:50            Session 1 - Main Speakers Part 1 
                                Kickstart React Native with Expo/XDE
                                “Better way to getting start cross-platform mobile development”
                                By Mahasak Pijittum, Senior Software Engineer, Agoda
                                Distributed Workforce
                                “Being CEO in the entire remote-working TECH Company”
                                By Kittichai Phiphatbunyarat (Jeng), Director,
                                ARISTO Production Co., Ltd.
19:50 - 20:30            Session 2 - Flash Talk Part 1
                                Innovation Playground
                                By Cholathit Khueankaew (Toy), Managing Director, Artisan Digital
                                How to Choose Laptop for Programmer                           
                                By Burin Techama (Ben), Mobile Developer, Zeal Tech International
                                Firebase Security in Production
                                By Thanongkiat Tamtai (Top), Data Scientist, 20Scoops CNX
                                By Royle Koonlert, Android Developer, Nextzy Technologies
                                Get to Know Docker
                                By Korrakhod Baiya (Tang), Senior Software Engineer, THiNKNET
20:30 - 20:40            Break 

20:40 - 21:20            Session 3 - Main Speakers ช่วงที่ 2 
                                Fundamental is Everything
                                By Kamolpop Kuadsantia (Ice), Supervisor Software Engineer,
                                Hype Technology
                                By Nitipat Lowichakornthikun, Technical Coach, Siam Chamnankit

21:20 - 22:00            Session 4 - Flash Talk ช่วงที่ 2 
                                Effective Team Communication
                                By Khemmaporn Phankam-ai (Kim), Project Coordinator +
                                Project Manager + IT Product Owner, 20Scoops CNX
                                Customer Journey Map 
                                By Lily Bruns (Lily), Web Dev / Startup Consultant, CNX Web
                                Artist Turn Into UX/UI Designer 
                                By Jirapon Puttawong (Fai), UX/UI Designer, THiNKNET
                                Motion On Mobile
                                By Temmasuk Dechawanitcha (Tle), Interaction Designer,     
                                20Scoops CNX
                                Test Pyramid Style
                                By Prathompong Prasert (Por), Technical Leader

22:00                        Networking


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