Sex with the Robot (Framework!)

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Sorry no sex. Just checking you were reading :)

Robot Framework is a generic automation testing framework that can be used in various area of software development ranging from testing small cli program to sophisticated fintech platform. Any system that you can imagine can be automated (or tested automatically) with Robot Framework.

But...why do we need automation? Imagine that you have a very complex web application that even a few lines of code changes could bring the castle down to the ground. You would have to spend hours after hours to make sure everything that was OK will be OK after deployment. With an automated script, this could be done in a matter of minutes, instead of days.

In this workshop (taught in Thai), we will cover only web or browser automation testing using Robot Framework and Selenium. However, it does not end with that. We would also cover brillant use cases that could adopt Robot Framework for instance writing a robot to cancel a meeting if there’s any member in the meeting taking a sick leave during the period.

You should attend this workshop if:

  1. You are a software tester that wants to start using automate testing to save your energy and time OR to change your job

  2. You already used some form of automation tool like selenium but are not comfortable with writing code.

  3. You had always wanted to start learning Robot Framework since the beginning of time but didn’t have the time or just procrastinated one too many times.

  4. You are a developer that wonder how automation would save your life one day

  5. You just want to learn something new.


This workshop aims to introduce the basic concepts and provide a shortcut to get started with the Robot Framework in Web Application automation. This may not be suitable for automation ninjas.

By the end of the day you will learn the following:

  1. Understand what is the Robot Framework and its importance

  2. Use cases and applications of the Robot Framework

  3. How to write your first browser script (or test) using the Robot Framework + Selenium

  4. Real world ideas to continue your learning path with the Robot Framework

What to prepare

  • Bring a laptop (Any OS is fine)
  • Your brain would be handy

Schedule: 1 PM - 5 PM

1PM - Introduction to automate testing

1:30 PM - Introduction to automate tool

2:00 PM - Robot & Selenium Installation

2:30 PM - Robot - Selenium Hands on workshop

3:30 PM - Robot exercise - E-commerce testing / automation

4:30 PM - Real world use case & Q&A

5:00 PM - Wrap up


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