CorporateClub #1: Cultivating a corporate culture for innovation Powered By Roland Berger

CorporateClub #1: Cultivating a corporate culture for innovation Powered By Roland Berger

Transformation, disruption, and reinvention don’t have to be scare words. 

As the pace of change accelerates, innovation has risen to the top of the corporate agenda. Corporate leaders know that their legacies depend on their organization’s ability to reinvent itself. And corporations are seeing first hand that it’s more important to adapt than to be right. They need to become experimentation engines. 

But that requires new ways of thinking, working, and collaborating. 

True Digital Park's "Corporate Club" series – powered by Roland Berger – are platforms to help corporations capture trends and opportunities in an age of disruption, by seeing the future through the lens of entrepreneurs and learning how other corporations are working with startups and advancing their innovation journey – both within and without. 

The first edition of "Corporate Club" brings together three panelists from different parts of the ecosystem – from large corporate, MNC and innovation consultancy. Explore in this session how the intangible force of "corporate culture" is the heart to creating tangible results for innovation. 

1. Dr. Steffen Gackstatter, Partner at Roland Berger Germany

2. Apirat Kongchanagul, General Manager at True IoT 

3. Angsumalin Fordham, Head of Business Development at VISA Thailand 

- Corporate executives and corporate venture capital teams 
- Digital/ innovation-champion unit 
- Digital/ innovation-related government agencies and policymakers 
- Individuals interested in corporate innovation or digital transformation 

18:00 Registration and networking
18:30 Welcome session
19:15 Panel discussion 
20:00 More networking

The session is held in English. 
Spaces are limited to 50 only – Please RSVP.


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