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30 September 2018 at 08:30 - 16:00


**Ticket sale starts 4 June.**

What is KILORUN?

        When the run doesn't measure with kilometres, but also measured in kilograms. KILORUN is the unique running festival that you can run, eat and have fun in one go.  Apart from having good health and joy, everyone can enjoy the best selected local dishes along with the scenic route of the iconic cities, as well as sharing experiences with friends and families, no matter who you are or where you are from.

KILORUN is divided into 2 categories:   

1. KG (Kilogram) or Aroi Run,  
        For KG (Kilogram) or Aroi Run is the walking & running route that measured by kilograms. Runners can walk/run through iconic landmarks and taste signature dishes from each city along the route. After the race is done, runners whoever gain weight more than or equal to 0.5 KG and 1 KG will receive the special LG medal, and that's where the KG come from.

2. KM (KILOMETRE) or Breakfast Run 

        Because this is not just an ordinary running festival, It is a journey to remember. The KM route is selected by iconic attractions of each city. Runners will get a chance to exprience the cultures, architectures and iconic landmarks along the route. KM Race is divided into 4 categories; S (short) Run 2 KM , M (medium) Run 5 KM, L (long) Run 10 KM and Family Run.

City destinations of KILORUN 2018

  • 1st  KILORUN BANGKOK :   Ancient City Bangkok, Thailand [24-25 March 2018]
  • 2nd KILORUN BALI      :  Bali, Indonesia [2-3 June 2018]
  • 3rd KILORUN OSAKA   :  Osaka, Japan [30 September 2018]
  • 4th KILORUN HANOI    : Hanoi, Vietnam  [November....To be continued]


Early Bird Prices (4-30 June 2018)

KG : Aroi Run (Medal+Apron)

        KG 0.5 Kilograms : : Ticket 1,800 THB

        KG 1 Kilogram  : Ticket 1,800 THB 

        KM : Breakfast Run (Medal+Running Shirt)

        Family RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 900 THB 

        (One parent (must be 18 or older) + One child (no minimum age) | The parent will get medal & running shirt and the child will get only medal**)

          S (Short) RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 720 THB 

          M (Medium) RUN | 5 Kilometres  : Ticket 810 THB 

          L (Long) RUN | 10 Kilometres : Ticket 900 THB 

          (For S,M and L Run, the runner must be 12 or older ) 

          PACKAGE: KM+KG 

                KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + Family RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 4,250 THB 

                KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + S (Short) RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 2,350 THB 

                KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + M (Medium) RUN | 5 Kilometres  : Ticket 2,450 THB 

                KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + L (Long) RUN | 10 Kilometres : Ticket 2,550 THB 

                Regular Prices

                KG : Aroi Run (Medal+Apron)

                    KG 0.5 Kilograms : Ticket 2,000 THB

                    KG 1 Kilogram  : Ticket 2,000 THB 

                    KM : Breakfast Run (Medal+Running Shirt)

                        S (Short) RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 1,000 THB 

                        M (Medium) RUN | 5 Kilometres  : Ticket 800 THB 

                        L (Long) RUN | 10 Kilometres : Ticket 900 THB 

                        (For S,M and L Run, the runner must be 12 or older ) 

                        Family RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 1,000 THB

                        (One Adult (must be 18 or older) + One child (no minimum age) | Adult will get medal & running shirt and the child will get only medal**)

                        PACKAGE: KM+KG 

                              KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + Family RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 4,500 THB 

                              KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + S (Short) RUN | 2 Kilometres : Ticket 2,500 THB 

                              KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + M (Medium) RUN | 5 Kilometres  : Ticket 2,600 THB 

                              KG 0.5 / KG 1.0 + L (Long) RUN | 10 Kilometres : Ticket 2,700 THB 

                              * Remark: Ticket fee included VAT 7%. Excluded others fee upon your payment method.

                              Race Collection

                              • KG : Aroi Run

                                ** KG Apron + BIB ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

                                ** KG (Aroi Run) Medal ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

                                ** KG Medal Collection for 4 Countries **

                                • KM : Breakfast Run

                                ** KM Running Shirt + BIB ** 

                                **All KM runners will get running shirts except the children from family run race**


                                ** KM (Breakfast Run)Medal ** // FOR ALL RUNNERS

                                ** KM (Breakfast Run) Medal Collection for 4 Countries **

                                Participants of KILORUN Osaka will be auto-enrolled as AirAsia BIG Members. For more information, kindly refer to https://goo.gl/8bJtuR

                                ** Please fill in your information completely because our KILORUN team will provide runner's insurance for the safety of all applicants on the event days.

                                KILORUN Rules & Conditions: 

                                  1. Participants must fully understand and compliance rules & regulations.
                                  2. Participants must physically be healthy and accept the condition in the Waiver form.
                                  3. Competitive right cannot be transferred to others in any case. 
                                  4. Parents, relatives, followers, friends or disqualified / finished participants are prohibited to enter the race or distrub others who are in the competition. (For all categories)
                                  5. The organizer reserves the right to postpone, cancel or stop the event that the organizer sees fit without prior notice
                                  6. Participants agree to pick up Race kit by themselves or show the letter of Authority is case of the representative. 
                                  7. Photos, video/voices records, articles, and race statistics are all reserved under the right of the organizer. They are possibly publicized and broadcasted to media such as newspapers, the internet, TVs, magazines, etc. Runners can make use of their photos, video/voices records without permission. However, all photos and video/voices records of the event as well as the race are absolutely prohibited for commercial exploitation.
                                  8. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the competition without prior notice.
                                  9. The registration fees are included 7% tax fee only. The other services depend on the payment method.
                                  10. Ticket can’t be change, return for money, transfer nor exchange for any reason.
                                  11. Participants agree to be dismissed during the race if violate any rules & regulation or organizer see fit.
                                  12. T-shirt size will be made by the quota.
                                  13. Ticket prices may vary depending on the currency.
                                  14. Participants acknowledge receipt of first aid in case of injury or illness occurs during the competition, regardless of the responsibility of the organizer concerning the method, course, etc.
                                  15. Participants shall exempt the organizer’s responsibility for accidents, losses and injuries during the competition and could not request compensation for damages.
                                  16. Compensation for accident or injury during the competition shall be insurance policy subscribed by the organizer.
                                  17. In case of participants are underage; families, relatives, parents / guardians of the participants shall acknowledge and accept all the agreements of this competition.
                                  18. Please follow the specific route and trafiic rules . If you are instructed by the course director, please follow the instructions.
                                  19.          In addition to the above, please follow the instructions of the organizer regarding matters concerning the competition. If the participant does not comply, it may be disqualified.

                                  20.  The organizer shall comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information and related laws and regulations for handle personal information. The acquired personal information will be used for program formation and preparation, recording announcement on official website and other competition management and necessary communication etc.
                                  21. This competition may be broadcasted on television and online program.

                                  For more information and updates about KILORUN 




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                                  Thank you and see you at KILORUN!

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