Making Games with Unity 3D

Making Games with Unity 3D

Ringzero Game Studio MeetUp Agenda:

·         Client-Side Implementation

·         Setup Environment (PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Facebook-SDK)

·         Make Web Service API with Laravel Framework

·         Server-Side Facebook Token Validation

·         Data Synchronization

·         Call Web service API from unity client

·         Demo

In this MeetUp, we will demonstrate the process of synchronizing player data across multiple devices through a basic spaceship simulation we have prepared. In this simulation, players can fly around, collect crates and can change the color of his ship. 

We will extend the demonstration with a Facebook login so that our PHP server can identify users by their Facebook profile and store users’ profile data in our MySQL database. By doing so, data from players using the same Facebook profile will be automatically synced, allowing them to resume directly from they were in their previous device. The system will save the player’s ship color, position and score.

In this context, we will also talk about Facebooks’ OAuth ticket system and briefly tackle RESTful Webservices with js on and Amazon Web services.

(Bring your own laptop/equipment and join the fun!)



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